Working with us

Universities and Education Providers

We provide our partners with international reach that generates sustainable and diverse student recruitment and helps grow their global profile. We work hard to maintain effective and ethical relationships and share long-term success.

We are very proud of the unique relationship we have achieved with each partner and the service we deliver.

  • Generate sustainable growth and internationalisation
  • Cost-effectively penetrate international markets and utilise market intelligence
  • Gain access to local infrastructures with language knowledge and culture familiarity
  • Offer local representation that can raise confidence and communicate your offerings
  • Improve the quality of your applicants and target sources of ambitious students
  • Generate specific applicants for low-volume programmes
  • Attain greater and continuous marketing strategies through multiple channels
  • Alleviate staff capacity by entrusting student counselling, screening and advising
  • Invite market and student feedback for continued improvement and development

We endeavour to provide a service that is in the best interests of our student and promotes excellence in learning and lasting experiences.

Our policies are led by British Council initiatives and standards for best practice and we actively participate in training for international agents.

Our location in Brighton means we have personally met all of our partners and are truly familiar with their institutions. We are enthusiastic about engaging with the admissions, marketing and recruitment teams and work hand-in-hand to ensure that we accurately represent their mission, ethos and standards.

If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities, please feel welcomed to send an email introducing yourself to or