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Four benefits of studying a preparation programme




The four benefits of studying a preparation programme:

    1. More time to prepare their university (UCAS) applications
      UCAS application deadline is 15 January. Students who start in October have additional time to participate in guest lectures and university presentations, and take part in structured activities which can make their personal statement stand out.
    1. An opportunity to develop their English language skills
      Students will improve their English language skills as well as develop their academic and critical thinking skills, giving them a head start in their studies in January.
    1. A chance to complete academic electives early
      Some of the October programmes allow students to begin, and even complete academic modules.
    1. Extra time to get accustomed to life in the UK and British teaching styles
      The longer students have to get used to the teaching styles and their new environment, the greater their chance of success in their studies.

A typical preparation day includes:

  • 2 hours Academic English
  • 1 hour Maths
  • 1 hour Laboratory time
  • 1 hour Personal Tutor (exploring the UCAS application process)
  • 1 hour ICT

English Language Preparation Programme is also available in Brighton. Students can improve up to 0.5 points of their IELTS score in six weeks. No academic classes as part of this programme.

Preparation Programme Start Date: 31 October 2016 to begin the following programmes in January 2017:

Programme Brighton Cambridge London Oxford
A Level Preparation x x
Foundation Preparation x x x x
Undergraduate Year 1 Preparation x
English Language Preparation Programme x