Feasibility Studies

Evaluate your project’s potential for success.

Before investing in any new venture, product or service, it is crucial to understand the targeted market environment and potential risks to evaluate it’s capacity for success.

The feasibility study is a threefold process including;

  1. Market Analysis critically analysis of key factors within the targeted market; demographics, demand, market capacity, competition, regulation and cultural issues.
  2. Technical analysis, (where required)
  3. Financial analysis

The feasibility consultants are experienced in the study of new products or services, with extensive experience in the education sector;

  • new ventures and expansions
  • new education providers
  • new courses and learning models
  • new business methods or approaches into widening participation in educational projects


Each phase would consist of:

  • Preliminary economic assessments (PEA)
  • Scoping studies
  • Pre-Feasibility Studies
  • Definite / Bankable Feasibilty Studies
  • Cost estimation
  • Market surveys & economics


A project feasibility study to understand the success capacity of your new venture.




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