a vibrant and famously welcoming city for international students that is often voted ‘Best Student City’

A metropolitan borough in North West England, it is the UK’s fastest growing city outside of London and largest collection of museums and galleries.  Throbbing the arts and unrivalled music heritage – it is commonly referred to as the culture capital.  With three universities and more than 50,000 students, Liverpool is also a vibrant and famously welcoming city for international students that is often voted ‘Best Student City’.

A haven of knowledge dating back to 120 years of research excellence and a respected home of key and emerging science.

 ‘A Thrilling World City-  Liverpool has been home to explorers and revolutionaries for over 800 years. Their pioneering spirit is alive in the city and inspires.’  – University of Liverpool

The city architecture is splendid; its skyline was awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO, which recognised the city for its outstanding values and role in the development of world trade.

For football lovers, Liverpool has two Premier League teams, FC Liverpool and FC Everton.




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